Hair Removal with Body Sugaring for Sensitive Skin: Three Suggestions to Keep in Mind

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Since the beginning of time, people have been looking for new and improved ways to get rid of unwanted hair—whether it be facial hair or body hair. If you have sensitive skin, finding the right method may take some time. While there are many options available, look for a spa or salon that offers body sugaring. This method uses a sugar gel or paste. This article will look at three suggestions that can cater to your sensitive skin.  

Exfoliate Ahead of Time

One of the main benefits of body sugaring is that it removes dead skin cells and not live skin cells. It also only adheres to hair follicles. If you have a lot of dead skin, you might need to apply the body sugaring several times to get rid of all of the unwanted hair. This can be a problem for those with sensitive skin. Although the sugaring will only remove dead skin cells, constantly ripping the sugaring off may irritate live skin cells as well. If you have sensitive skin, your skin does not need to be irritated any further, so make sure you exfoliate ahead of time. This way, one or two applications will be enough to remove unwanted hair.

Use Raw, Unprocessed Sugar

If you have sensitive skin, you don't want to expose your skin to any chemicals. One of the main benefits of body sugaring is that this method uses only natural ingredients. Still, you should verify that you are only applying raw, unprocessed sugar onto your skin. This will limit your risk of having an allergic reaction or reduce the chances of your skin getting irritated after the procedure.

Choose Products with Plenty of Powder or Corn Starch

Excess moisture will cause the paste or gel to stay sticky. This makes it difficult to remove in one try. Before you opt for body sugaring, make sure that the paste or gel that is used contains a good amount of powder or corn starch. If the spa or salon buys the paste, you'll want to take a good look at the product that they use. If the spa or salon makes their own, request that they add more powder or corn starch. This helps remove moisture from the skin so that the gel or paste can be removed more easily and with no pain.


There are plenty of different hair-removal methods available. If you're looking to try something more temporary than permanent, body sugaring is a great option. It's gentle on the skin and will cause the least amount of irritation to sensitive skin when done by a professional. Talk to a professional such as Phaze Laser Med Spa for more information.