5 Things Your Hairdresser Can Tell You About Your Hair

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You may get your hair cut frequently at a hair salon, but rarely ever ask any questions while in the chair communicating with your hairdresser. The truth is, these professionals have a lot of insight to offer, especially when it comes to your hair. 

How to tame frizz according to your hair's texture. 

Frizz is the enemy of just about any good hairstyle, and it can be a major problem if you have some natural curls. The coarseness of your hair can also make you more prone to having issues with frizz. Your hairdresser can look at your locks and give their professional diagnosis along with a few suggestions for taming the problem. 

Why your scalp is dry. 

Dry scalp is a big issue for a lot of people, but there is often a different cause behind different cases of dry scalp or dandruff. Don't be shy about asking your hairdresser their opinion about why your scalp is so dry. They may ask a series of questions, but they can usually offer some really good insight into what is taking place with the skin on your scalp. 

Which hair care products will help you achieve a certain look. 

It's not uncommon for a hairdresser to recommend certain products from the salon just before you leave or even while you are still in the chair. Pay attention to these recommendations. The stylist is giving you insider knowledge about what products helped them achieve a certain end result. 

How often your hair needs to be shampooed. 

This may sound silly, but hair does not always need to be shampooed every time you take a shower. Shampooing strips the natural oils from your hair, which can make it dry and frizzy. Everyone has hair that is a different texture and that has a different level of natural oil. Someone with especially oily hair may be able to shampoo often and see no issues. Someone with really dry and frizzy hair may need to scale back on shampooing frequencies. 

What highlights will naturally bring out the color. 

If you have been considering getting some highlights or lowlights done to your hair, make sure you get your stylist's opinion and take it into consideration. They get a closer look at your hair color than just about anyone else, and their years of experience can help them determine what complementing colors would give you the best look.