How Snail Mucin Can Help People Look Younger

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Not everything that is good for the look of your face and body is wonderful and flowery. In fact, there are some things that would make some people squirm, but that are actually very beneficial for your skin. For example, Garra rufa fish will nibble on a person's feet in a way that removes dead skin, as well as calloused areas, leaving the feet smoother. Something that may not seem appealing at first, but is actually fantastic for your skin is the glycolic acid found in snail mucin. You can learn more about how something that comes from a snail can help you greatly with your beauty regimen by reading the information below.

Understanding what snail mucin and glycolic acid is

Snail mucin is the mucus that is left behind when a snail travels from one place to another. It was once thought that this mucus was needed for a snail to move. However, it is now understood that the mucus does help them to move more efficiently, but it also helps them in other ways. The mucus will help them stick to surfaces that they would otherwise fall off of. Also, the mucus even makes it possible for a snail to move along upside down on surfaces.

Snail mucin has glycolic acid in it. The glycolic acid makes it possible for snails to slide across all kinds of surfaces and not injure themselves horribly. The glycolic acid is what promotes fast healing. Therefore, the snails heal at such a rapid rate they can continue along very rough surfaces as if they have been sliding across a smooth surface the whole time. The snail's mucin also helps a snail to repair and even rebuild their shell if it should become damaged or broken.

How glycolic acid helps people's skin

The glycolic acid can do some of the same things for people's skin that it does for snail's bodies and shells. Therefore, it is in many different types of skin care products, including anti-ageing facial serum.

Snail extract anti-ageing facial serum, such as from International Skincare,  can leave your face looking both healthier and more youthful. The serum can work as an exfoliant, which means it will help to get rid of dead skin cells that can leave someone's face looking duller and more aged. The serum will also stimulate new skin cell growth. When new skin cells are produced, a person's face will look naturally healthier and fresher.  Glycolic acid also smooths out fine lines and wrinkles by improving the skin's elasticity.