The Beauty Of Barbershops: 6 Smooth Reasons To Add Visiting One To Your Busy Calendar

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Yeah, you're busy, but you also need to take good care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Maybe you're looking for a new career or to set a spark to your love life, or maybe you're just tired of looking so, well, tired. One place that solves many problems associated with a busy, hectic life is the barbershop. If you haven't been to one lately or are under the impression they're a place only your grandfather ever went to, take another look. Barbershops are, for many reasons, a cool place to go, with results that will knock your socks off.

1. Expert Hair Styling

Some people think men's hair is just fine with a quick trim to keep the length manageable; however, if you want to have your own special style, you need your own special stylist. A barber will come to know your hair well in both the texture and type, and they'll also get to know you and what you like. That's a much better option than switching from your mom's kitchen table to your best friend's sister for hasty trims.

2. A Cool And Unique Shave

Barbershops give you the closest possible shave, on par with nothing you can do yourself — no matter what equipment you stock in your arsenal. That hotel towel steams opens pores, allowing for a nifty and nick-free shave that'll leave you smoother than you've ever felt. It's no cliche: once you have a barber give you a good, old-fashioned shave, you won't want to go back to doing it yourself.

3. A Cleaner Beard

Believe it or not, your beard contains more bacteria than your dog's fur. This is not just any bacteria, but pathogenic bacteria, the kind that causes disease. A weekly trip to the barbershop means a soft, soothing beard bath, perhaps with a healthy oil or even an anti-dandruff or antibacterial wash. Nobody can do this like a professional barber, so make a point of having your beard thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. After all, what good is all that handsomeness if your dog is ultimately cleaner than you?

4. Impeccable Skin Care

Along with your shave, you'll enjoy professional skincare methods, products, and tips. Ask your barber if they offer LED light therapy, too, which uses non-thermal light to instigate deep, rejuvenating cellular activity, which is especially beneficial if you have sensitive skin that's exposed to a lot of pollution or sun rays. You don't have to be of the female persuasion to want healthy, radiant skin, and people will notice the difference when you get professional skincare.

5. The Amicable Atmosphere And Sociability 

If you're new to the area or just haven't gotten out as much as you should, visiting a barbershop is a great way to get to know the neighborhood. Depending on the size of your town, you might have the opportunity to get to know a lot of people by engaging in small talk. You might also benefit by making connections for work, entertainment, or other necessary gigs. 

6. That Bounce In Your Step

A distressing 60 percent of people say time spent on social media erodes their self-esteem, but if you look around, everyone is deeply engrossed on one platform or another. Adding to the pressures created by social media is the weight of the world, with seemingly more bad news going down every day and little positive information being reported. Taking better care of yourself, including your appearance, can add a bounce to your step that's really needed and often hard to come by these days.

While some might call it pampering, others consider the care provided by a barbershop to be a necessity in life. No matter what you call it, though, you'll definitely look forward to going again, after you've finally added visiting one to your calendar. You'll look, feel, and smell better, and nothing beats that on-top-of-the-world sensation you'll get every single time.

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