What A Tan Can Mean To You

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There are some people who seem to get a great looking tan naturally just by walking back and forth to their car and the store. Then, there are those who don't need a tan because their skin naturally has a great coloring to it. If you don't fall into either one of these categories, you more than likely want to have a tan, but you shouldn't count on the sun to tan you because the UV rays are dangerous. A nice tan can be a great thing for many reasons, learn what some of them are here, and see why a tanning salon may be a place you should visit.

A tan can make clothes look better 

When you don't have a tan, you may notice how hard of a time you have finding an outfit that you feel looks good on you. For example, you may find that certain colors make you look a way you don't like. For example, someone without a tan may look ill in some shades of green, may look pasty in some shades of pink or yellow, or may look extremely white in very dark colors.

When you have a tan, it can cause colors to look much better on you. You may find the pastel pink you once hated on you will now complement the tone of your skin well. Also, you may now find that you can reap all the benefits that come with dark colors like being able to blend them with any other colors and many styles of accessories.

A tan can make you look thinner

A person who doesn't have a nice tan can end up looking larger than they would with a tan. If you already have a bit of extra weight, then you more than likely want to do what you can to appear thinner than you are. Simply getting a nice tan is one of the things that you can do to make yourself suddenly appear thinner.

A tan can make you feel better

When you put on an outfit, you want to feel good about what you are wearing. Sometimes, wearing things like skirts, or especially like swimsuits, can be something that you put off simply because you feel that you are too white to pull them off. Once you have a tan, you may not be able to wait to put on those same things because when you look in the mirror, you will feel so much better.


Tanning beds afford you a safer and much more convenient way to get the tan you want. When you use a tanning bed, you can tan more of yourself to achieve a complete and even tan. You can get your tan in a short amount of time that fits into your hectic schedule.