The Comb Is Mightier Than The Mane: 3 Ways Your Hairdresser Can Help You Tame Unruly Hair

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You watch in awe as your favorite co-worker buddy pulls her long locks up into a bun without an effort at the office. You can't help but fantasize about hair that swishes and cascades with your movements when you look in the mirror. You even catch yourself teary-eyed when Jennifer Anniston pushes her layered cut off of her shoulders during a movie and no hair seems out of place. If only your wild and unruly hair could be as well-behaved and stop mimicking the look of the fiery-red-haired main character in the movie Brave. Your hairdresser may very well be able to help you out if your frizzy, densely textured and curly hair flairs up like it's been hit by static with the slightest bit of humidity. Here's how. 

They can thin your hair so it's more manageable. 

If you have hair that is excessively thick and super curly, it can make it almost impossible to get it to style properly. You have ample room for some of that hair to be removed so it is easier to manage. Most hairdressers are fully capable of thinning your hair using special techniques. This process removes some of the bulk of the layer after layer of strands that you deal with daily. Therefore, when you go to put your hair in a ponytail or even comb it, you will not face such a major challenge. 

They can treat your hair with relaxing chemicals to encourage it to stay in place. 

Chemical relaxers get a bad name sometimes in the hair-care world, but they really shouldn't. When done safely and properly, relaxing treatments can be a saving grace for someone who has wild and unruly locks. These treatments help prevent that natural curl from forming, and even though the results are temporary, they are well worth the ongoing treatments if your hair refuses to do what you want it to do. 

They can recommend hair tools that will work the best on your hair type. 

Did you know that people with naturally curly hair really shouldn't use a brush on their hair? Were you aware that using certain hairdryers will just make frizzy hair much worse? These are the types of tips a good hairdresser can give you if you are having problems with your hair. They can make recommendations about what hairstyling tools will actually serve your hair best according to its texture and type. 

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