Balayage Styles Best Suited For Your Based On Physical Characteristics

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Have you ever seen a haircut or color in a magazine that looks fantastic, but doesn't turn out so well for you? If so, you are not alone. A cut or color that works well on someone else may not work as well on you. Styles and colors are meant to enhance your physical traits, and since each person has unique traits, that means you need a unique style.

Balayage is a popular coloring technique that many people tend to like, but it is important to know which colors might best suit you based on your physical characteristics.

Coloring Based on Face Shape

Balayage is a process that adds natural-looking highlights to your hair. The placement of the highlights will vary depending on factors such as the shape of your face. For instance, if your face shape is rounder, a stylist may place the highlights closer to your part. Adding lighter or brighter colors around the part of your hair can make your face appear less round, thus giving it a thinner appearance.

If you have a long face shape, the goal is to contour and give the face a fuller appearance. Therefore, a stylist may choose to add softer hints of color, particularly around the cheeks. Added colors, while lighter than the base hair color, may not be pale as that may seem to make your face more angular. Carefully placing hints of color throughout your hair can give your hair a more natural appearance and soften the shape of your face so it appears fuller than it is.

Coloring Based on Skin Tone

Your skin tone is also an important physical feature to consider when choosing a balayage technique and color. For instance, dark complexions will likely pair better with cool-toned hair colors, which can help brighten the skin. Cool-toned hair colors often include silver, ash, or even sandy blonde colors. A hairstylist can help you choose cool colors that seem most appealing to you as a hair color or highlight.

If you have pale skin, you will benefit from warmer tones, such as copper, rose, honey, and caramel. Warm hair colors and highlights, especially when framed around the face properly, give your skin the appearance of sun-kissed skin tones.

If you are unsure which colors best suit you, talk to a hairstylist near you who specializes in balayage. A hairstylist can help you choose a base color and highlight tones that best suit your physical characteristics. Visit a balayage hairstyling salon to find out more!