A New Do For You, Too: Should Your Locks Be Chopped ?

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Does it seem like everyone you know who's middle age has had their hair cut? Do you feel pressure to do the same? Are you holding fast to your hair because you've had it long forever? It's somewhat of a custom for people who reach the mid-life point to lose the locks, opting for a shorter do, instead. While this may be a tradition, it may or may not be right for you and there's a lot to think about before you commit to the haircut.

Shorter Hair Is Easier To Manage

It's true, that many short styles are easier to manage; however, not true of all short hair cuts. If you're looking to save time in the mornings and tired of caring for long hair, tell this to a stylist, who'll help you find the best short cut that doesn't demand a lot of maintenance.  

A Cut Can Create A Whole New Image

If you're interested in changing your image or hoping for a complete "makeover" type do, short hair may be just what you want. Long hair may look sleek, flirtatious, and even rebellious. So, for some in middle age, a shorter, more professional look is preferred.

Any Hair Cut Can Change The Shape Of Your Face

Consider the shape of your face, too, as you contemplate a cut. For example, if your face is round, a layered look with a stylish part on the side should look awesome, but that wouldn't likely work as well with other face shapes. Bangs are also a major consideration, depending on the shape of your face, particularly your brows, but they can be wonderful at covering up the drooping eyelids and crows feet that creep on you as you age.

Some Styles Actually Make You Look Younger

While many people in middle age chop their locks out of convenience, some dramatically different cuts can also chop years off your look, such as a wavy bob with soft, wispy bangs. Adding glistening highlights and you have a glow that seems to magically turn back time, especially when it's professionally done. Identify your objective, and the results may (pleasantly) surprise you.

Hair Grows (Back) Slower After A Certain Age

Another major consideration when deciding whether to chop or not is how fast your hair will grow back. As you get older, growth slows, along with the hair thinning and losing pigment, complicating your decision in some ways, but also probably pointing you in a certain direction, one way or the other. 

Opting for dramatically shorter hair, simply because you've reached a certain age, shouldn't be the norm. Instead, it's up to each individual to weigh the pros and cons of a new do and how it affects them, personally. There's nothing wrong with having hair down to your waist as a senior, if that's what you want and it works for you. The most important aspect of hair care and such decisions, though, is having a great stylist to talk to. Find a place like Revolution Salon and keep doing your thing, because, ultimately, that is what you're all about, right?