3 Tips For Caring For Your Natural Curly Hair Extensions

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Sometimes, when women think of hair extensions, they automatically think of straight hair. In reality, naturally curly hair extensions are becoming more popular, especially for women of color or anyone who already has naturally curly hair. Curly hair extensions are beautiful, sexy, and unique-looking, and many women find they look more natural than straight extensions. Here are a few simple tips for caring for your naturally curly hair extensions.

Start By Buying High-Quality Extensions

The most important thing you can do when it comes to caring for your naturally curly hair extensions is to start off with the highest quality possible, such as raw, Cambodian natural hair extensions, which are known for being especially soft, durable, and silky. It's better to budget for higher-quality extensions from the get-go because they will last much longer, they won't tangle or become frizzy nearly as easily, and they'll pay off in how naturally beautiful they look.

Be Gentle When Combing and Washing

The main rule of thumb when caring for your naturally curly hair extensions is to be as gentle as possible. This means only lightly finger-combing your extensions when they are dry and using a smooth, wide-tooth comb when they are wet.

Use a light touch when washing your hair extensions as well because being too rough or vigorous will lead to a frizzier texture and tangles, as well as diminishing the lifespan of your hair extensions. When in doubt, either don't touch your hair extensions at all or use a light and gentle touch. Your hair stylist can demonstrate how to gently comb and wash your extensions if that is helpful.

Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Finally, your naturally curly hair extensions are naturally smooth and soft, so heat styling is not usually necessary. If you don't have time to let your naturally curly hair extensions dry naturally after washing, you can use a blow dryer, but be sure to use a heat protection spray or serum first. You can also cut down on heat damage from a blow dryer by limiting how frequently you wash your extensions. 

You can straighten your naturally curly hair extensions when you want a different look, but this should only be done once in a while, not at the highest heat setting on your straightener, and only with the use of a heat protection product.

Naturally curly hair extensions are a great way to improve your overall look and boost your confidence at the same time. By following these tips, you will ensure your naturally curly hair extensions stay in top condition for a long time, protecting your financial investment.

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