Having Your Hair Professionally Colored? Follow These Tips

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Having your hair professionally colored is a great way to improve your appearance and gain the look you desire. Generally, professional-color jobs come out looking a whole lot better than boxed-color jobs from the pharmacy. However, there are still a few tips to apply when you have a salon professional color your hair.

Seek out someone with color experience.

Even though most stylists spend some time learning the basics of coloring hair in beauty school, they are not all experts. Some stylists prefer to cut and style hair and only do the occasional color job. Others make color the focus of their practice. They spend time experimenting with different brands, and they may have taken advanced coursework in coloring protocols. If you're looking for top-quality color, look for someone with this specialty and advanced training. They'll simply be able to offer you more options and may do a better job overall.

Be realistic.

Do you have dark brown hair that you want to be light blonde after one appointment? Your stylist is probably going to tell you that goal is not realistic. Certain color changes — usually those that involve going from very dark to very light — are pretty hard on the hair and can cause a lot of damage if they are done too quickly. If your stylist tells you they would rather help you achieve a certain color slowly over a number of appointments rather than all at once, let them take this approach. They're recommending it for a good reason, and if you don't trust them, you may end up with frizzy, dry hair.

Get a hair cut on the same day.

Yes, the cost of a cut and a color can really add up. But you really should get your hair cut during the same appointment that you get it colored. Your color will look more glamorous on a fresh trim, and trimming the hair allows your stylist the time to work their fingers through it, get to know it, and get a better idea of what color formulas will work best for your locks.

Ask how to maintain it.

Different colors need to be maintained differently, based on their formulation and also on your individual hair. You may need to use sulfate-free shampoos, or you might need to wash only twice per week. Ask your salon professional for color maintenance tips if they do not recommend them automatically.

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