Short, Medium, Or Long: Which Men's' Haircut Style Is Right For You?

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Your hair says a lot about you. You want a style that not only flatters your face shape, but that also reflects your own personal style. If you're having trouble deciding just what style that is, then here's a recommendation: start by deciding whether you want a short, medium, or long style. Then, you can go from there and narrow things down a little further. Here's an overview of short, medium, and long cuts — which should help guide your decision.

Short Haircuts

Short haircuts require that you do the least styling yourself. Often with these cuts, you can just wake up and go. Maybe you want to run a damp hand over the hair to ensure it is lying flat, but that's not always even necessary. With a short cut, however, you do need to go back to the barbershop more often — sometimes as often as every 2 weeks. It's really obvious when a short cut starts to grow out.

Some specific short cuts you may like include:

  • The Buzz Cut: This close cut leaves about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of hair all over.
  • The Crew Cut: This leaves hair a little longer, maybe 1/2 inch, on top, and fades it down the sides.

Medium Haircuts

A medium haircut will require to you style your hair every day, but styling won't take much. You may just need to add a little pomade or wax, and then nestle a few hairs into place. These cuts tend to be pretty precise, though, so the hair mostly stays where you want it. You can go longer between barber visits with a medium cut. Visiting about once every 4 - 6 weeks is typical.

Some medium cuts to consider include:

  • The Faux Hawk: The hair is left longer on top so you can comb it up, forming a style reminiscent of a mohawk.
  • The Fringe: The hair is left longer in the front so it hangs over the forehead.
  • The Pompadour: The hair is parted and left longer towards one side so you can comb it forward and over.

Long Haircuts

Finally, you have the option of leaving your hair a bit longer. This will require the most styling on your part, but you will only need to visit the barbershop every few months. You can either leave all of the hair one length, or you can have it layered. You always have the option of pulling it back into a bun or ponytail for a more tidy look.

Consider the information above, and also talk to the barbershop to see which style may be best for you.