How To Get Great Results From A Leave-In Hair Treatment

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Leave-in treatments are a great option for giving your hair the little something extra it's not receiving from shampoo and conditioner alone. There are leave-in treatments that remove toxins from your hair, deposit nourishing compounds, and basically leave you with healthier locks. Using these treatments is pretty easy. You apply the treatment, wait a while, and then rinse it out. Except there can be a little more to it than that. Here are some tips to follow to get great results from any leave-in hair treatment.

Wash your hair first.

Before you use the leave-in treatment, make sure you give your hair a thorough shampoo. Use a good shampoo without any additional moisturizing benefits. You don't want it to deposit any oils on the hairs that might keep the deep treatment from penetrating properly. Make sure you get your scalp and then rinse well. This is one time when it's actually best to rinse your hair with warm water. It will open up the hair shaft and let the deep treatment get further inside your hair.

Check whether the treatment is meant to be applied to wet or dry hair.

Some treatments are meant to be applied to wet hair. Some are meant to be applied to dry hair. Others can be applied to either. Just make sure you read and follow the instructions. If you apply a treatment formulated for wet hair to dry hair, for instance, it may be too thick to really coat the hair shaft the way the creators intended.

Concentrate on the ends of your hair.

Remember, this treatment is for your hair, not for your scalp. It's tempting to just rub it all over the top of your head, but that's not really where it's the most useful. Make sure the ends of your hair are fully coated first and then move on to coating the parts of your hair closer to the scalp.

Wear a cap while the treatment sits.

Purchase a shower cap, and put it over your head while the treatment is working on your hair. This will keep the treatment from drying out, which would prevent it from working so well. If you can't find a shower cap, wrapping your head in plastic wrap works, too.

With these additional steps and tips, your hair treatment will have more effect than ever before on your hair. You'll love the lush results. Just look for a hair stress repair leave-in treatment to try.