Balsam Fir Soap: Four Reasons To Put It In Your Bathroom

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Balsam fir soap can be a great addition to your bathroom, especially if you know what benefits it has. Here's a guide to help you understand more about this soap so you can buy it with confidence.

It smells good

Balsam fir has a strong piney scent, similar to that of a freshly cut Christmas tree. This mild scent can make bathing and showering more sensory-driven and give you an even more clean scent when you're done cleaning yourself. Balsam fir soap can be especially pleasant if you desire a more earthy smell that isn't floral and not too musky.

It improves circulation

Balsam fir is known for its ability to help improve blood circulation. After a long day, wash your hands and feet with balsam fir soap — or use a liquid version of the soap as a body wash — to get the blood flow going. Or, use this soap first thing in the morning as a natural wake-up. The higher the concentration of balsam fir in a soap, the more you'll notice the healing benefits of this natural product. Since balsam fir is very strong on its own, always use a balsam fir soap that has a carrier oil in it, such as almond or coconut, to help offset the strength but not the benefits to your skin.

It cools the skin

If you want to add a cooling sensation to your cleaning experience, invest in balsam fir soap. There are natural cooling elements to balsam fir that can be enjoyed if you have sore or aching muscles or if you have a sunburn or skin rash. Always test a small amount of a new soap on your skin in an area where you're not sensitive — like your inner elbow or wrist — so you have a better idea of how balsam fir soap will work for you.

It deep cleans the body

Balsam fir is used for its antibiotic and antiseptic properties, which means it does a lot more than just clean your skin in a minor way. When you use balsam fir soap for areas with lots of bacteria or fungi, such as the genitals, armpits, and even feet, you know you're giving yourself an even deeper clean.

Buy balsam fir soap at your local natural health store. You may also buy this product online or at your local beauty section in a grocery store. You can buy this soap in bar or liquid form for your personal use.