How Near-Infrared Light Is Used To Prevent Hair Loss

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Lasers are an interesting technology in relation to hair. Some products that use lasers are capable of removing certain types of hair and preventing them from growing back. Other types of lasers can stimulate hair follicles and cause hair to grow back. They look like helmets and rely on low-level light therapy.

The Hair Thinning Process

Many people will experience some thinning of their hair by the time they reach 50. When this occurs, the thinning is often the result of hormone issues that develop as you age. Also, there are lifestyle issues that can contribute to hair loss such as poor diet and how you wear your hair.

Near-Infrared Light and Hair Loss

Near-infrared light can help repair tissue on your scalp and can stimulate hair growth. It is also used to treat wounds and help scars heal more quickly. The light improves blood flow to the affected area. Sunlight provides many of the wavelengths that are good for hair growth but also contains wavelengths that are damaging and it ends up being less effective as a result.

When using near-infrared light, you do not have to worry about your scalp becoming sunburned unlike with sunlight. Instead, it helps the papilla recover. The papilla is the part of your scalp where the hair begins to grow. When damaged, it is not able to properly support the hair follicle and it will begin to grow more slowly or will stop growing altogether. 

Collagen Production

Besides repairing the papilla, near-infrared light can increase the production of collagen. This substance helps reduce hair loss by fighting the free radicals that can damage hair. Free radicals are compounds that form as a result of stress and damage the hair follicles themselves. However, collagen reduces the exposure that hair follicles have to free radicals.

ATP Production

Near-infrared light stimulates the production of ATP. This is a coenzyme that causes the cells found in the hair follicle to increase their activity. Your hair follicles will begin to replicate at a much faster rate. This assists the papilla in producing the keratin that your hair follicles are made from.

Near-Infrared Light Vs. Other Treatments

One of the reasons why near-infrared is used over other types of hair loss treatments is the lack of side effects. Some patients report mild discomfort, but this goes away after a short period of time. With very few side effects, you can see a significant improvement in your hair growth. Try using a treatment like this to prevent hair loss