4 Anti-Aging, Skin-Tightening Devices You Can Use At Home To Maintain More Youthful Skin

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If you want to reduce the signs of aging without spending a fortune on med spa treatments, consider buying an anti-aging, skin-tightening device to use at home. You'll want to use the device as instructed and let your esthetician know you're using one so you don't end up damaging your skin if you go to the spa too. 

When used properly, one of these devices could diminish wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and give you a more youthful appearance. Here are some options for an anti-aging, skin-tightening device to use at home.

1. A Microcurrent Device Uses Electrical Stimulation

A microcurrent device is a small handheld unit that delivers a weak electrical current to your skin. This stimulates your facial muscles to strengthen and develop. This leads to the lifting of sagging skin and a reduction in wrinkles. This device is painless to use, and it can be used on your forehead, nasolabial lines, and even your lips to smooth and lift skin.

2. Red Light Therapy Is Taken By Mask Or Wand

You can buy devices to give yourself red light therapy at home. Some devices are like wands with red lights at the end you can glide over your skin. Others are designed to look like a hockey mask you wear over your face while relaxing.

The red light penetrates your skin to promote collagen production which makes your skin firmer and more lifted. Red light therapy may reduce fine wrinkles and improve your complexion.

3. Microneedling Triggers A Healing Response

Microneedling is often done using a roller with needles on it, although it can also be done with a pen that has needles on the end. The goal is to cause skin damage with the needles so skin repair induces collagen that tightens and lifts skin. The devices used for home treatments usually have smaller needles than the devices used at a med spa, but you may still get noticeable results for your sagging skin.

This anti-aging, skin-tightening device can be used on your face, neck, stomach, arms, and any other place you have loose skin you need to tighten up.

4. Radiofrequency Heats Up Your Skin

Another popular anti-aging, skin-tightening device to use at home is one that uses radiofrequency waves to tighten skin along your jowls and face. The radiofrequency waves heat up the tissues under the skin to contract them and to make your skin create more collagen that gives your skin more firmness and elasticity.

A radiofrequency device for home use is a small handheld instrument you can pass over your face, neck, hands, and chest area to diminish wrinkles and reduce sagging.

Contact a local spa to learn more about anti-aging, skin-tightening devices.